Term and Conditions

Some EA/Indicators may not working unless you revert mt4 to previous version.
Method 1
Method 2

1.We have no refund policy.
We make no warranty of:
3.Simple/Complicated method
4.Bug Free (because we not vendor,so we not has any responsibity of any items at our store)

All statements regarding the product are Vendor promises, not us...
We shall not be held responsible of results caused by any item from our shop.

If you manage to ask for refund/credit or even complaining because the item you bought doesnt meet your expectation.
We will banned your account,and list your name and email at : http://badbuyerlist.org .
Effective: Immediately (No Excuse)

2. NO share/reselling.
if we found out,we will banned your account and your IP without notice.
You will not get any updates of any item you buy.

3.No support and we not promised any update.
No Aftter Sale questions "You're On Your Own" If you need support and fast updates,please buy from Official..

4.Dont dispute and email/chat us using CAPITAL Letters ,harsh words or even using " !" ..etc..
If there any issue you should contact us nicely..

In some cases the Manuals of a product are protected.
You will be asked to enter an Activation Key.
In the Activation window you will see the Machine ID at the buttom of the window: